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Strategic Business Plan and Financial Feasibility Studies

The Strategic Plan provides a blueprint, describing your company, its products, the competitive environment, management team, financial health, and business risks. Our business planning process is intense, thorough, and highly collaborative. We work closely with you to understand your goals and vision, research your markets and competitors, and develop your business plan. Although most clients hire us to write a business plan they often find that the process they go through developing a plan is ultimately more valuable than the documents themselves.

During our business planning process, we will help you and your team refine your business model, identify your most profitable customers, fine-tune your marketing plan, and improve your sales projections. We provide an objective view, so your final business plan makes a statement that is based on reality, yet exudes confidence.

Projected financial plans allow you to effectively predict upcoming problems, or prevent them. In other words, the perspective gained through your Strategic Business Plan can make a significant contribution to your company’s success, and help you get the funding you require. In fact, most lending institutions and private investors will not even talk to you without a solid financial plan.

Business Plan Development Process

  • Initial discussion(s) to understand your needs
  • Preparation and execution of an engagement agreement
  • Several in-depth interviews to better understand the details, develop strategies and agree on all major elements of the Business Plan and Financial Forecast
  • Conduct additional research and formulate additional strategy and tactics, as needed
  • Draft a Pitch Deck (Investor Presentation) and review it with you to ensure that all parties agree on the big picture. Note that the Pitch Deck will have many gaps at this point; we will use placeholders and incorporate facts, figures, and financial projections as they become available.
  • Draft the Executive Summary and review it with you to ensure that we all agree on the next level of detail
    Prepare an outline of the Business Plan
  • Fill in the details of the Business Plan. Obtain and incorporate your feedback as we go
  • Customize our Financial Forecast for your business. Populate assumptions with rough, educated guesses. Work with you to refine the assumptions. Teach you how to use the model so that you can explain it to your audience with confidence
  • Finalize all deliverable, including editorial review and additional graphic design/layout work if needed
  • Of course, we understand that every client has different requirements and we will tailor our approach to meet your needs
    We assess opportunities to single out the optimal ones and create plans for effective market penetration. So far, we have helped out a sustainable number of organizations including Banks, MFIs, NGOs, Healthcare, Textile, transport, entertainment, manufacturing, real estate, dairy, cryptography, sports, oil & gas, fuel station, departmental stores, etc., even, to decide over the feasibility of proposed projects in an array of investment and infrastructure projects.

Due Diligence

We at BAZ Consulting address a range of financial, strategic, and operational issues as part of the due diligence process. We assess the financial position of the target and come up with indicators like management, earnings history, cash flow, and future growth potential. We also assess the quality of assets and liabilities; compliance with tax regimes, working capital to offer you much-needed insight when going into any deal.

Operations improvement is another area in which Baz Consulting can look into with a keen eye. We look at the quality of management at the target, target’s outlook in front of key stakeholders, and investigate its performance improvement systems and opportunities for savings.

Human resources and IT are additional fields where we can provide you with due diligence services. Baz Consulting also evaluates the attractiveness of the market segments simultaneously keeping up with the market for suitable alternatives for the future.

Investment Analysis and Management

Our analysts will closely examine a company’s fundamental business operations before any new ventures are undertaken. We want you to know the company’s history of earnings as well as the strength of the company’s products and services and the management team. Baz Consulting excels in providing such service that aids you in planning for the future helping out in diverse areas typically investments into industry, enterprise, and infrastructure.

Our pool of consultants specializes in business valuations, cost-benefit analysis, economic analysis, life cycle cost-and-profit analysis, operations research, business case development analysis and evaluation, risk/uncertainty analysis, and alternatives analysis, so under our program, no stone remains unturned and you can go into that investment with confidence.

Corporate Finance Advisory

In a national competition between companies is superseded by mergers and growth efforts. Such mergers also mean consolidation of financial powers; which indicates the importance of financial consulting for establishments. Establishments are in need of professional guidance to be able to increase their efficiency and quality and maintain customer satisfaction.

Baz Consulting under the scope of corporate finance advisory provides services relating to mergers, purchase, valuation, financing, debt structuring, and any kind of the project; and also provides establishments with an efficient solution for their problems. For instance, there may arise a legal problem during the process of merger or purchase. Things that should be done to completely remove and eliminate such legal problems can be easily identified by Baz Consulting’s professional staff.

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