At an institutional level, our objective is to engage the client in refocusing and streamlining the structure, processes, management resources, and abilities of the organization in order that it is better able to perform the tasks and responsibilities assigned to it. A fundamental and challenging aspect of this process is ensuring that the improvements made are absorbed and sustainable beyond the life of the intervention. In this respect, many of the problems we encounter can be directly linked to a lack of generation of sufficient revenue, which impacts negatively on the entire structure and activities of the institution. Therefore, if we are to make changes sustainable, we have to build the link between revenue and sustainability. Thus, we place significant emphasis on working with clients to seek new ways to generate income as part of our capacity-building services.

Given the complex nature of institutional change-management, much of our effort is delivered through longer-term formal and on-the-job training, coaching, consultative workshops, and information-sharing seminars.

BAZ consulting offers management training courses for its clients’. We equip your management with the necessary knowledge and insight on modern practices in business and in making the workplace more productive. Each of our courses is run ‘in-house’ at your company premises, on-site and off-site which can be tailored to your needs so that there is not a shred of inconvenience for you. The training session is conducted in an organized manner and taking notes and input from the participants is encouraged so that they can learn more. The session also involves an evaluation process that involves Q and A at the end of the session to make sure that what is imparted is also inculcated in a friendly environment. Colored workbooks provided by a BAZ are an apt reminder of the training session, which your management officers can consult even after the training is concluded.

Cash Flow Based Appraisal Techniques

BAZ trains your management in diverse areas and this includes training sessions on credit appraisal and recovery techniques, aiming to build the capacity of the participants to review the tools and techniques for analyzing and evaluating information from potential clients. The course enhances the skills of the lending staff in developing credit formats, identifying potential clients, assessing the actual repayment capacity, and effective loan structuring and loan recovery techniques.

The course provides participants with an opportunity to learn how they assist their institutions in reducing their financial losses, by taking prudent credit decisions.

Training Aims

  • To familiarize the participants with cash flow based assessment techniques using a customized excel based financial model

  • To enable participants to deal effectively with different kinds of credit customers based on real-life examples
  • To familiarize the participants with cash flow based assessment techniques using a customized excel based financial model

  • To enable participants to deal effectively with different kinds of credit customers based on real life examples

The course content includes

  • Module 1: Introduction to SMME finance

  • Module 2: SME credit analysis – collecting and understanding information

  • Module 3: SME credit analysis – verifying information

  • Module 4: SME credit analysis – financial analysis

  • Module 5: SME credit analysis – cash flow based analytical tool

  • Module 6: Loan portfolio management and monitoring

  • Module 7: Supporting activities and strategy


This classroom based training is based on BAZ’s broad experience in practical project work and theoretical programs, tailored to the needs of mid-level managers and loan officers active or interested in MSME finance. Participants through our program learn how to manage MSME finance as an independent product line/customer segment within a financial institution. While topics related to all management levels (from macro to micro, from strategic to operational) are taught, acute focus is placed on the credit risk assessment based on clients’ individual analysis.

Additional courses

  • Sourcing and Managing of SMME Clients

  • Management of Loan Portfolio and Prevention of Delinquency

  • Loan analysis and Lending Methodologies

  • Strategic Marketing of Banking Services

  • Financial Management for Microfinance Institutions/Banks Performance Enhancement and Monitoring Workshop

  • Understanding Microfinance Operations Department

  • Deposit Mobilization Strategy

  • Risk Management and Internal Control in Banking/ Financial Institutions

  • Loan Administration, Monitoring and Recovery Strategies

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