Our business process reengineering techniques at BAZ Consulting have helped clients to reorganize their businesses to the very core, taking out as much as possible obsolete and irrelevant business practices and helping them employ our suggested business process, increasing their efficiency and supported bottom-line growth.

When you are considering our services, our promise is quite fair and simple. Our highly proficient team assists our clients in maintaining a dynamic, and result-oriented work performance through innovation based on operational requirements. We make sure that all employees at your organization are akin to the redesigned framework. Redesigning in the order of output and profit has helped many companies overcome stagnation and offered them the refresh button that their institution requires in the ever-changing business environment.

  • Baz Consulting is a leading nationwide management consulting Services Company and the right partner for your business process reengineering program.
  • Baz Consulting has a track record of success. We’ve worked with quite a number of organizations from around Pakistan, including major organizations placed in the chamber of commerce’s and we’ve delivered millions of rupees in sustainable cost savings to our clients and millions more in improved cash flow.

  • Our business process expertise spans all major business operations including Finance, HR, IT, and Procurement. We can deliver end-to-end solutions for all of your business process reengineering needs.

Baz Consulting brings unmatched intellectual capital in the form of our renowned best practices benchmarking database. Our industry-leading benchmark and best practices database help to ensure that your business process reengineering design and implementation will be firmly grounded in empirical data and will generate results.

Baz Consulting offers superior solutions for critical business needs such as cost optimization, shared services, working capital management, globalization and outsourcing, IT strategy, supply chain consulting. Moreover, we will provide

  • Process mapping workshops

  • Proactive identification of process ownership for clear roles and responsibilities as well as accountability

  • Identification of process enablers and constraints to inform change impact analysis

  • Organizational structure redesign and cross functional alignment of business processes

  • Integrated implementation recommendations and roadmap

  • Benefits realization plan to ensure ROI

Standard Operating Procedures

Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) are a necessary component of every modern business. SOPs act as process books that describe a set of procedures and protocols for a particular action and describe how processes work, detailing the roles and resources that are involved in a particular process. SOPs can mean many things depending on a particular industry – whether a Pharmaceutical firm following an SOP to achieve maximum safety and efficiency standards or a manufacturing firm using SOPs to outline the inputs, outputs, and steps involved in creating a product, SOPs are a part of every company.

Although SOPs are a vital part of every business, they are time-consuming projects that pose significant challenges for companies of all sizes. Whether creating, approving, distributing, or revising SOPs, the amount of work involved can be enormous.


BAZ offers a comprehensive service that covers the entire life-cycle of a company’s business for carrying out a risk assessment, including risk monitoring and contingency planning by implementing different components. Our professional team can assist our clients in achieving their ultimate goals.

Accounting and Bookkeeping

At Baz Consulting, we can provide your business with tailored accounting services whether you want us to manage your accounting at our offices, provide a qualified accountant to come to yours, or deliver a mixture of both.

If you require an accountant at your place of work, it’s easy, you simply provide the workspace and paperwork, software, and all other resources, and we provide you with a qualified, experienced, and professional Accountant.

This solution is ideal for the slightly larger business that wants to keep their accounting services in-house. In case you want to outsource your accounting services. We use specialist software and resources to build, maintain and report on your Finances, making sure you meet all your deadlines. We manage all your accounting, produce your Accounts and pass them back to you, for discussion. You can even send us your records via a cloud-based facility such as Dropbox, E-mail, or post. In case you require a blend of accounting services. This more bespoke arrangement suits businesses who need to see an Accountant regularly on-site often for reporting but where the day-to-day accounting doesn’t necessarily need to be completed on-site.

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