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Risk Management should be entrenched within the culture of the organization so that everyone is attentive on managing and reducing risk. Risk management is not the duty of only one department — it is the responsibility of everyone who has a stake in the company. Earlier corporate flaws have been attributed to lack of accountability, transparency and strategy.
At the same time, many firms are more likely to follow lawsuits for losses that they would otherwise endure at wealthier times. Disputes occur as they seek to allocate blame to other parties for negligent or inappropriate behaviour that results in business and financial loss. Our experts provide the experience to help corporations and small businesses stay on top of every risk that might impact the smooth sail of their business.

BAZ Services Include:

Financial Risk Management

Globally concerns about the financial risk have been increasing and companies of all kinds and sizes are waiting to develop vigorous financial risk management frameworks that satisfy acquiescence demands, contribute to improved decision making, and augment the performance. BAZ’s Financial Risk Management experts can help by presenting firms how to turn risk into opportunity. With the assistance of international consultants and subject matter experts, we offer a wide range of financial risk management services to help companies, commercial banks, corporate and private SME clients to assess, manage, identify and limit the risks they face. In our work with clients we assist them to improve governance, strategy and processes across a range of matters.

Credit Risk

Managing credit risk is always a complex challenge. BAZ’s Credit Risk experts help clients create value and manage risks across the entire life cycle and maximize returns from their credit operations.
Generally, credit-related assets contribute to a major portion of total revenues while the creditrelated costs—provisions and write-offs—account for a significant part of the expenses. We support clients increase revenue and minimize costs by supporting the development of sound credit-risk strategies, organizational structures, and portfolio-management processes. Assisted by well-designed credit processes, operating expenses can be reduced by 10-15% and risk costs by more than 15% coupled with improved customer experience. We have extensive expertise in optimizing credit processes, including loan origination, underwriting, pricing, administration, monitoring, and delinquency management. We help clients design and implement effective strategies for every stage of the collection process, from early delinquency to work-out. When necessary, we also create targeted approaches for asset disposal. Our data analytics team offers detailed analytical insights to our clients to understand the value and risks associated with their credit portfolio, as well as to respond to market fluctuations and regulatory requirements.
Our data analytics team offers detailed analytical insights to our clients to understand the value and risks associated with their credit portfolio, as well as to respond to market fluctuations and regulatory requirements.

Credit Diagnostic and Delinquency Management

The credit diagnostic benchmarks the quality of end-to-end credit processes as well as their operational efficiency, against that of peers. BAZ has developed a detailed methodology to the delinquency management. The challenge was to develop a set of policies and procedures that could be easily understood and implemented by the staff of the bank, which at the same time conformed to the regulatory requirements of the central bank, the instructions for handling bad debt from the Head Office of the bank and best international practices.

Loan Portfolio Audit

The loan portfolio is the primary income generating asset for any financial institution and it is most commonly subject to material misstatements. Most failures stem from the deterioration in the quality of the loan portfolio. An assessment of the risks and inadequacies inherent in a portfolio therefore assumes tremendous importance and this is the most important objective of a ‘loan portfolio audit’. Credit operations have unique characteristics. BAZ follows international best practices and follows a methodology designed to help portfolio auditors in their efforts of conducting an effective audit of any financial institutions loan portfolio.

Investment Analysis

A High quality pre-investment process systematically reduces risk, creates investor confidence, improve likelihood of success and ultimately leads to improved international competitiveness, enhances responsiveness to market requirements and improves accountability. Our services include support for conducting pre-investment assessments and associated business plans, typically into investments in an industry, enterprise or infrastructure level. The old adage about ‘a failure to plan being a proven plan to fail’ remains as a relevant reminder about the value of planning. Most of the big failures in investment performance can be traced back to poor planning, monitoring and evaluation at the pre-investment stage.
We approach pre-investment assessment by considering the study requirements and take input from diverse professions including market assessment; location, site and environment; engineering and technology; financial analysis; institutional and governance examination; and risk management.

BAZ specializes in all areas related to investment analysis. We deliver credible analysis and develops comprehensive cost and benefit estimates that are vital to making effective decision makings. We have a pool of consultants who specializes in cost-benefit analysis, economic analysis, life cycle cost and benefits estimation and analysis, operations research, cost research, business case development, analysis, and evaluation, risk/uncertainty analysis and alternatives analysis.

Business Process Re-engineering

Profit is a natural consequence of any well run business. But to “run well” any business has to optimize its processes. It has to relook into all its functionalities and rethink about the staging, redesign to improve its efficiency. Business Process Re-engineering (BPR) is a management approach for analyzing and redesigning the core and support business processes within an organization.
It is intended to improve work performance, responsiveness, cost, quality, service, momentum and add considerable flexibility to the organization to facilitate the achievement of specific strategic objectives. As professional consultants, we enable you to prepare, oversee and assess these improvements. BPR brings in steep changes in company performance by introducing required changes in form and function.

We deploy the latest BPR practices in the industry along with up to date management tools. Our highly proficient team assists clients in continuously improving and sustaining a dynamic, result-oriented work performance through innovative techniques based on the operational requirements. During the process, we make sure that all employees are informed about the redesigned work frame and execute them in the most profitable and efficient manner, organize work based on results and understand the various capabilities in an organization and redesigning them in the order of their importance.

Standard Operating Procedures

Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) are a necessary component of every modern business. SOPs act as process books that describe a set of procedures and protocols for a particular action and describe how processes work, detailing the roles and resources that are involved in a particular process. SOPs can mean many things depending on a particular industry – whether a Pharmaceutical firm following an SOP to achieve maximum safety and efficiency standards or manufacturing firm using SOPs to outline the inputs, outputs and steps involved in creating a product, SOPs are a part of every company.
Although SOPs are a vital part of every business, they are time consuming projects that pose significant challenges for companies of all sizes. Whether creating, approving, distributing, or revising SOPs, the amount of work involved can be enormous.
BAZ offers a comprehensive service that covers the entire life-cycle of company’s business for carrying out a risk assessment, including risk monitoring and contingency planning by implementing different components. Our professional team can assist our clients in achieving their ultimate goals.

Business Process Outsourcing

Business process outsourcing (BPO) is a subsection of outsourcing that involves the contracting of the operations and responsibilities of a specific business process to a third-party service provider.
BPO is uptight with risks, whether offshore/onshore. When make a decision to outsource a business process—perhaps involving layoffs—or bringing it back in-house if it doesn’t work as needed is an expensive proposition. This doesn’t even take into account the public relations impact or the effect it will have on careers of people involved in such decisions.
Reducing these risks is essential to the success of the outsourcing effort. We have a team of professionals that include chartered accountants, CPA’s, ACCA’s to support finance functions, certified project managers to undertake projects of any size and kind, human resource professionals to assist in the selection of the best talent and IT professionals to address all routine and one-off needs.



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