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BAZ Services Include:

Due diligence — Financial, Strategic and Operational

With deep experience in the financial sector, manufacturing, distribution, services, health care, real estate, and construction, we are able to bring a team that is accustomed to working with our due diligence process specifically in your industry. The team will also have a range of expertise and a collaborative spirit, so that you will get the deep assessment and comprehensive analysis you need to mitigate risk, ensure a healthy return on investment, and get the deal closed.
BAZ will address a range of financial, strategic and operational issues as part of the due diligence process. We will assess the financial position of the target by looking at earnings history, cash flow, future earnings potential, quality of its assets and liabilities, working capital, purchase price allocation, and tax compliance amongst other factors.

In the area of operations improvement, we will assess the target’s management team, look at its relationship with key stakeholders, and investigate its performance improvement systems and opportunities for savings.

If desired, we can also provide due diligence services in the areas of human resources and information technology. We can also evaluate the attractiveness of the market segments and its strategic alternatives for the future.

Financial Feasibility Studies

A feasibility study is the analysis of the practicability of a proposed idea. It evaluates the economic, environmental, technical and quality of life aspects of proposed business ideas. Coupled with the project’s compatibility with the local community, this information allows decision makers to have the accurate and relevant information needed to make informed choices.
The feasibility study analyses potential solutions against a set of requirements, evaluates their ability to meet these objectives, describe a recommended solution, and offer a justification for this selection. It addresses issues that could influence the success of a potential project and assess the advantages and disadvantages of each option so they can be ranked.

BAZ conducts feasibility studies on project plans for its clients. We recommend the steps and various aspects of the feasibility study and work very closely with our clients to achieve the mutually agreed objective within an estimated time frame. If you want your business to succeed, or if you need to convince investors or management to fund your initiatives, it is critical that you are equipped with a feasibility study that proves that your ideas are sound and that you have an execution plan that is practical.
BAZ feasibility study consultants conduct comprehensive industry, customer and competitor analyses in order to determine market opportunities. Our consultants, then assess each of the opportunities, determine the optimal ones, and create action plans for effective market penetration. Our feasibility study consultants have conducted studies for hundreds of organizations ranging from startups and large companies to non-profit organizations and governments.
We have conducted studies in numerous industries, including real estate and construction, hospitality and hotels, sports and recreation, renewable and health care, financial institutions, government, and non-profit, among others.

Business Plan

BAZ work closely with its clients to understand the goals, mission and vision to draft realistic business plan. Although most clients hire us to write a business plan for them, however, they often find that the process they go through in developing that final business plan is more valuable than the documents themselves.
Our business planning process is thorough, intense and highly concerted. More complicated businesses—often involving new or unique technology, unusual or multiple revenue streams, or requiring large amounts of funding—may require more time. This is particularly true with larger organizations where multiple stakeholders are involved: Board of Directors, Advisory Board, CEO, CFO, COO, CIO, Director of Marketing, Director of Sales, etc. As business consultants, we help our clients refine business model, identify most profitable customers, fine-tune the marketing plan, select the best delivery channel and improve the sales projections. We provide an objective view, so that the final business plan makes a statement that exudes confidence and attracts investors.
As a core business area, we try to follow the approach that fits well with all of our valued customers needs:

Rest guaranteed that no matter how simple or complicated the underlying business is, we will spend the time and effort necessary to make the business plan a major catalyst towards the future business success.



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